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Investing in our children is investing in our future.
The early years of a child's life are crucial for cognitive, social and emotional development. Therefore, it is important that we (parents and care givers) take every step necessary to ensure that our children grow up in environments where their social, emotional and educational needs are always met. One of a Kind Child Care/Pre-School promises to provide every child with what they need to build a strong foundation for healthy and productive lives.


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Mrs. Schiavo is a wonderful teacher, full of energy, and very dedicated. She made my daughter Marissa's first school experience an extremely memorable one. Marissa still reminisces about all the... read more

K. Rodriquez, Parent

The first day of school was very hard to my daughter, Tina. She was crying and didn’t want to leave my side. I remember Ms. Schiavo taking my daughter’s hand and gently leading her to the front of the line... read more

Jeanine T, Parent

When I was in Ms. Schiavo’s class, I was having trouble learning how to read. I remember Ms. Schiavo taking time every day to sit down next to me and help me become a better reader. I am lucky to have... read more

Justin, age 10

I remember when I was in kindergarten. Mrs. Schiavo taught me how to do many things. She taught me reading, writing and mathematics. When I was having trouble with something she took... read more

Joseph, age 9